''Invitation" to the Soul of a Man

2014 marks a 42-year crescendo of artistic discovery and reinvention, against the opulence of career
highlights and accolades for one of South Africa’s revered musical icons. A student, teacher, producer,
artist, composer, engineer, and executive, Don Laka, is a connoisseur of note, with a platinum sales track
record that speaks volumes of a man who has achieved mastery of a vision unfolding

Amidst the medley of voices that are unique to South Africa, his is amplified by the rebellious streak that
has seen him, single-handedly strike a chord with the young and not so young to build the Kwaai-Jazz
brand – an eclectic fusion of classical, traditional, modern and all that jazz; creating a soul-drenched,
uniquely South African experience that has enthralled hordes of enthusiasts across the Country and many
parts of the world.

Like so many venerated icons in their respective disciplines, Laka’s career is a testament to the
relentlessness of the rising Don, without fail. He continues to be an instrument to the evolution of the
South African music industry and a growing voice in the Diaspora. He is a visionary, a strategist, and
Technician unbound by symphonic ribbons that tie the essence of his artistic soulscape.
He aptly states: “I have taken the ‘scary’ out of jazz and made it accessible to everyone”.’so the next
journey is to do likewise to classical music and African music’

Boasting six, multiple platinum award albums under his belt as an artist, the Don’s latest, masterpiece
“AFRO CHOPIN” is an all-access-pass to the soul of a man possessed. Its audacity challenges the
distance that even the brave dare not go. Featuring more than 10 renowned Chopin’s compositions, the
project is one of the grandest Afro/Classical to emerge in our recent history meriting a unique and yet
astute resemblance to the daring undertakings of the likes of Herbie Hancock and Miles Davies. The
concept, which was conceived in1995, only came into fruition this year, amidst a spectacle of artists who
continue to add to the vibrancy of his music.

The selection, of the music on the CD was inspired by the simplicity it landed itself to the visionary
manipulation of the melody, harmony and rhythm, by the man himself. Laka’s musical prowess as a pianist,
arranger and producer in this album, exploits his range in crafting stylistically different expressions, that
border a myriad of realms presented by the guest artists, whilst capturing each voice’s authenticity with
panache including his own. ”I have managed to capture the spirit of South African singers like Meriam
Makeba,Dorothy Masuka and Thandie Klaasen who’s vocal melodies are distinct.”
Like Chopin who was influenced by female voices,Mr Laka’s solo’s are also influenced by those giant
South African Mbaqanga voices

His approach to music and business is enveloped by a consciousness that transmutes conformity in order
to adapt to the ever-changing environment that demands foresighted excellence. Thus, the multiplicity of
skills he has acquired in his musical journey is reflected in his works, complementing creativity with
technique, earning him ovations long after the curtains have rolled for the Don has yet to take a bow.

A Legacy On Record

Previous albums “Destiny” (1996) ,”Supernova” (1998),”Pyramid”(2000),”Paradise and”Poison” have
each sold more than 100,000 copies, winning gold and then multiple platinum awards. Former “Destiny”
demonstrated a resonance with a wide audience because it was the first instrumental album in South
Africa to exceed gold status.

Memoirs of the Don

Don Laka was born in 1958 near Pretoria in Mamelodi. He was the first child in a family of five. In 1969, he
formed his first band and made his first recording in 1972, which featured Ray Phiri who’s played a major
role on Paul Simon’s Graceland as a co-composer and guitarist.

As one of South Africa’s most innovative contemporary artists and producers, it’s hard to believe Don
Laka’s career began back in the politically volatile days of 1976. In that year, Don was playing bass and
singing backing vocals for a group called The Flood, which enjoyed a huge hit with “Let Me Into Your
Life”, selling a staggering 320 000 units. 

Don’s prodigious talent for everything ,turned his hand to see him enroll in the Royal School of Music,
ultimately earning his Grade 8 on the classical guitar and obtaining his licentiate in high school music
teaching in 1979. He would have pursued music further, but apartheid laws prevented him from enrolling
at the Pretoria Conservatoire. Not to be defeated, Don continued to pursue music whilst working as a
clerk in a grocery store

From 1980 to 1981, he joined the Afro fusion group, Sakhile that was formed by Sipho Gumede and
Khaya Mahlangu. The group revolutionized South African music, and set a trend for groups like Bayete.
He played with many South African notables such as Joy, Brenda Fassie, Sipho Mabuse and Sankomota.
Don recorded his first big hit with a group called “Umoja” before moving on to form his own British-rock
influenced band, “Ymage”. The group performed together for ten (10) years and recorded no less than
12 Albums. In that decade, Don had an album produced by Tony Visconti (Bowie, T Rex) who passed on
much of his knowledge to Don, allowing him to explore new territory as a producer and arranger.
In the 90s, after a stint living in Germany and playing in a South African Jazz/mbhaqanga band, Don
formed an independent record label, Kalawa Jazzmee and was the production and arranging force behind
the likes of Brothers of Peace and Boom Shaka. Don soon began recording solo projects and producing
other artists

His songs and piano playing proved popular with other musicians, who asked him to write, produce or
perform on their records. In 1990, Don began writing orchestral arrangements for Sibongile Khumalo.
She performed his songs at notable venues such as the National Symphony Orchestra of South Africa. In
1991, he also collaborated with Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Rebecca Malope

In the late nineties, Don’s solo career was given a substantial boost with the release of Destiny, a fusion of
hip-hop, traditional African rhythms, classical music and pop that saw Don playing drums, bass, guitar,
piano and soprano Sax. Two more equally acclaimed albums, “Supernova” and “Pyramid” followed the
successful album.

His career blossomed further by producing and performing with artists such as Ray Phiri, Brenda Fassie,
Sipho Mabuse, Mango Groove, and Johnny Clegg, amongst others. He is now regarded as one of South
Africa’s Premier producers. Laka attests that the highlight of his producing career was producing Hugh
Masekela’s recent albums “Black to the Future” and “Sixty” where he combined the latest rhythms
without neglecting the music that created Masekela’s endless pool of loyal fans.

His latest production of Hugh Masekela’s ‘Jabulani’,has earned them a Grammy 2013 nomination for the
best world music CD. Indeed, his participation in the album earned him FNB South African Music Award
nomination as Best Producer. Don started a Record Company together with Oscar Mdlongwa. The
company is called Kalawa Jazzmee Records and is the first successful black record company in South
Africa to produce record and market their own product without help from any major label. Kalawa
Jazzmee’s artists dominate the South African music landscape and are responsible for much of the new
music that has changed the country’s youth today.

Don has often spoken at music seminars and panels on the issue of quality and Standards of South African
Music. He has also toured internationally.